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Tel Aviv University, Israel

Physics-based hydrology:

From the heterogeneous subsurface to dynamic catchments


A symposium in honor of Gedeon Dagan's 90'th birthday

Over the past decades, hydrology as a discipline has evolved in many ways. It is currently viewed as a key geoscience for understanding short and long term impact of global change. Within this broad discipline, hydrologists address a variety of water-related issues, from soil processes and vegetation, to surface- and groundwater, to biogeochemical transformation. In addition to the local scale processes, large-scale hydrology implies strong interactions between catchment dynamics and the climate system affecting both water quantity and quality. Resolving hydrological processes rigorously based on physics still poses serious challenges in spite of the significant progress. The main reason is that natural systems exhibit variability in space and time on multiple scales, requiring novel approaches that combine physics with probabilistic scaling concepts. It is only through physics-based bottom-up approaches combined with insightful synthesis of top-down approaches that hypotheses, theory and observations can converge. 


The purpose of this conference is to help bridge knowledge gaps in hydrology by promoting dynamic approaches and process rigour in topics ranging from the heterogeneous subsurface to dynamic catchments. These are implemented in novel ways in order to enhance our process understanding and improve methods for engineering applications. Special focus will be given to stochastic subsurface hydrology in honor of the contributions by Gedeon Dagan throughout the many decades of his work.

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Prof. Gedeon Dagan – Bio

Prof. Gedeon Dagan is a world renowned geohydrologist and one of the founders of Stochastic Hydrology. He has been contributing to the field for over 5 decades and still going strong!  ISI has identified him as one of the 250 most cited scientists in the fields of Engineering and Ecology/Environment. He has received numerous awards and honors: The Horton Award of the Hydrology section (AGU), Fellow of the American Geophysical Union, Doctor Honoris Causa of Pierre and Marie Curie University, The Stockholm Water Prize, AGU Horton Medal, Doctor Honoris Causa of Bucharest University, Doctor Honoris Causa, University "Frederico II", Napoli, Italy, Rothschild Prize, Elected member of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities and The Israel Prize in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. 

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Making it happen


The Venue

The Steinhardt Museum
of Natural History
Tel Aviv University

12 Klausner Street, Tel Aviv

Getting here:

*By bus: Egged routes 271, 222;

                Dan routes 7, 25, 45, 289;

                Kavim routes 107, 506, 464, 474, 506;

                Metropolin routes 572, 604, 572.
*By train: Disembark at Tel Aviv University station (and continue on Dan routes 7 or 45)


General information and map of the conference locations


We offer accommodation during the workshop (2 nights- 10th and 11th of January 2023). You will be able to extend your stay depending on availability of  rooms:


Broshim/Einstein Dorms- located close to Tel Aviv University and a walking distance from the lecture’s hall.

More details:



Single room- Broshim dorms: 288NIS, Einstein dorms: 222NIS

Double room- Broshim 348NIS

Prices are correct today and may vary until next year.

We have a limited number of double/single rooms, so please let us know ASAP if you like to book a room.

Atlas Boutique Hotels offers the conference participants a 12% discount when booking Yam Hotel, directly on their website The “promo code” is: "Cecam23" and is applicable for reservations made before December 20, 2022, for the standard rooms for the period between the 09-13 January 2023.

Atlas Hotels is a chain hotel in which all hotel positioned in the historical centers of each city, for simple access to local sites and attractions:

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